Glossary A-Z of Motorhome Terms

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A Frame Towing

Separate framework used to tow a (small) car behind a motorhome. Not considered completely legal in either the UK or Europe, something of a gray area.



May refer to the 'anti-lock braking system' on motor vehicles, but can also mean 'acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene', which is a type of plastic sometimes used for exterior body panels on motorhomes and caravans.


Accord technique

A system used by Renault to indicate that a motorhome has met its requirements for manufacture procedure.



A motorhome built on a base vehicle from the chassis up. The ultimate motorhome with all its bodywork designed and built by the motorhome manufacturer for a totally integrated look. Usually with an easy-to-use drop-down bed in the cab, larger models will also have a fixed bed at the rear. Many makes/model priced at well over £50,000, and some at more than double that figure. Wide cabs with huge windscreens give a fantastic feeling of space.

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Agreed value

If you have added lots of accessories or worked hard on major modifications to your motorhome, you may wish to have the insured value of your vehicle reflect it's true worth.  Insurance can include an Agreed Value upon request at no additional cost on most motorhomes


Air Conditioning

Whilst a motorised fan can be helpful on a sunny day, an air-conditioning system brings particular benefits to the traveler in hot regions. There are two types of air conditioners: Water evaporative units and Refrigeration units.


Air Rides

Proprietary name for spring assists fitted to the rear axle, intended to improve handling characteristics of the motorhome


Aire De Service

Term used to describe indepependant motorhome service points which usually have the following facilities:- CDP, Fresh Water tap, Mains hookup. Found often in France


Aires bollard

facility where a motor caravan can fill the water tank, and empty waste water and toile.



Chassis extension used to increase improve length, payload and handling of coachbuilt motorhomes.


Alu Step Pro

Step for caravans and motorhomes with folding legs for easy storage, has large anti-skid surface.



A framed tent structure which can be attached to a motorhome and left as a free-standing unit in its own right if you drive away.


Approved repairer

 repairer we have approved and authorised to repair your motorhome following a claim.



A proprietary design of fresh water container. Basically a barrel with a handle to allow it to be pulled along the ground, rather than needing to be carried. Often used as a generic term for such devices


Artic Package

An RV that has been equipped with extra insulation and heat pads for holding tanks for wintertime use.



Like a large blind, awnings usually wind out from 'cassettes' fitted to the side of a motorhome


Awning Carpet

A term used to describe the groundsheet in an awning usually referred to those which are porous, and hence less damaging to the underlying grass


Awning Rail

The slot around the periphery of the caravan side into which the awning is threaded to provide its main attachment to the body.



The ratio between the pinion and ring gears in the differential that multiply the torque provided by the engine. It is the number of drive line revolutions required to turn the axle one time. As an example, with a 4.10:1 axle the drive line turns 4.1 times for each full axle revolution. The higher the number, the more torque and thus more towing power. However, the higher the number also means less speed.


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