Glossary A-Z of Motorhome Terms

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refer to one of two things: 1) a Class C motor home, or 2) the sleeping area  over the cab in Class C motor homes and truck campers.


Cab-over bed

sleeping area that spans the driver’s and passenger’s seats in many coachbuilt motorhomes. Can be used for storage when not in use.



The main supplier of propane (red) gas cylinders and significant seller of butane (blue) gas.


Camber - Wheel alignment

Camber  the number of degrees each wheel is off of vertical. Looking from the front, tops of wheels farther apart than bottoms means "positive camber". As the load pushes the front end down, or the springs get weak, camber would go from positive to none to negative (bottoms of wheels farther apart than tops).



A term usually used for 'van conversions, either with a fixed roof, elevating roof or a High-top.



Trade name of Butane gas supplier.


Captains chairs

The drivers and passengers seats at the front, or cockpit, of a motorhome. The chairs often swivel to face the living area.


Caravan Holiday Home

 a caravan holiday home as a form of caravan which is transportable, but which does not meet the requirements for construction and use of road vehicles, and which cannot be towed on public roads. A caravan holiday home is based on a registered site with service connections. This also refers to caravan holiday homes as static caravans.



An old brand name often used erroneously today as a generic term for a motorcaravan.


Carbon monoxide

Odourless toxic gas


Carbon monoxide/CO alarm

Device used to detect carbon monoxide



Chemical toilet


Cassette Blind

roller blind which fitted as part of the window assembly, often along with a flyscreen, may operate in tandem (one behind the other) or in push-pull (blind one way insect screen the other way)



(Wheel alignment): A steering wheel's tendency to return to dead center after the driver turns a corner



Camping Club



Camping and Caravanning Club.



C-Class or Coachbuilt, a motorhome construction style.

Related Words  A-Class


Chemical Disposal Point, a drainage area used for the disposal of toilet waste (Black water



Chemical Disposal Point, a drainage area used for the disposal of toilet waste (Black water).


Chassis cab

A combined chassis and cab from a commercial vehicle manufacturer, on which many coachbuilt motorhomes are built


Chemical toilet

Most modern motorhomes have them, with more upmarket models having a fully plumbed-in flushing version. Brand leader here is Thetford who have the Cassette model with its own removable holding tank plus, more recently, a swivel-bowl version


Chock level

The chock is optional, but is used with Level Up to secure the wheels of a motorhome during long stopovers.


Citroen Berlingo

Front wheel drive. Panal van, platform cab, Multi-space estate. 1.4 petrol (75bhp), 2.0-litre common-rail turbo diesel (90bph).  Five speed manual gearbox.


Citroen Relay

Front-wheel drive. Panal van, All common-rail turbo-diesels. 2.2- litre (100 and 120bhp, 3.0 litre  (157bhp). Five and six-speed manual gearboxes. various payloads/wheelbases.



Certificated Location, small sites which are often on farms. Limited to 5 caravans or motorhomes, open to CC members only.


Class A Motorhome

An American RV with the living accommodations built on or as an integral part of a self-propelled motor vehicle. Models range from 24 to 40 feet long.


Class B

Class B

Class B Motor Home


A motor home created from a mini van. Most models have raised roofs, but otherwise the living space is constrained by the dimensions of the van.


Class B Motorhome

Also known as a camping van conversion. These RVs are built within the dimensions of a van, but with a raised roof to provide additional headroom. Basic living accommodations inside are ideal for short vacations or weekend trips. Models usually range from 16 to 21 feet.


Class C Motorhome

: An RV with the living accommodations built on a cutaway van chassis. A full-size bed in the "cabover" section allows for ample seating, galley and bathroom facilities in the coach. Also called a "mini-motorhome" or "mini." Lengths range from approximately 16 to 32 feet.



Sometimes referred to as C-class, this is the type of motorcaravan conversion built on a chassis cab.



May refer to a conversion of a passenger bus or van to a home on wheels



The driver/passenger area in the front of the motorhome, where many of the motorhome's system and instrument controls are located.


cockpit(aka CAB):

The driver/passenger area in the front of the motorhome, where many of the motorhome's system and instrument controls are located.


cold cranking amperes (cca):

The number of amps available to start an engine when the ambient temperature is cold. Used for rating SLI battery capacity.


Compulsory Excess

If you make an insurance claim, this is the amount you agree to pay yourself to repair your motorhome



Condensation is the result of warn moisture laden air contacting with the cold window glass. Keeping a roof vent open helps to reduce the humidity levels, roof vent covers help to prevent cold air from coming through the vent while still allowing moist air to escape. Using the roof vent fan when showering or the cooker vent fan when cooking also helps prevent excess moisture buildup.


Control panel

Used as the description for the panel of electrical switches and gauges governing 12V and mains electricity systems.



the transformation of a base vehicle into a motorhome



Literally the transformation of a base vehicle into a motorhome



When the motorhome is connected to an AC power outlet, this electronic device automatically converts 240 volts AC to 12 volts DC to run 12-volt equipment. At the same time, can recharge the 12-volt batteries.



UK vans come with a caravan style hob / grill / oven. most European vans have a hob 2 or 3 burner, an oven is an option.  It is often very hot in Europe and cooking inside makes it hotter, so we often cook outside, either a BBQ or a separate gas ring or two.  In the UK we opt for an oven and use it.  A microwave oven is great but if not on a hook-up you'll need lots of battery capacity and a big inverter.


Corner Steady

The jack built into the corner of the motorhome, which is used to stabilise the body of the vehicle once you're on a pitch. This helps the structure withstand the weight of people moving around inside, and helps prevent it rocking in the wind.


Corner Steady Locks

An anti-lift mechanism which prevents thieves from hitching the caravan to a towing vehicle.  approved security devicescan be  fitted to your motorhome or touring caravan.



Unit converted by A-class builders


crowned roof

A motorhome roof that is curved, rather than flat. A curved roof has the potential to be stronger and provide for better water runoff.


crowned roof:

A motorhome roof that is curved, rather than flat. A curved roof has the potential to be stronger and provide for better water runoff.


curb side:

The side of the motorhome that is closer to the curb.


curb weight:

The weight of the vehicle empty (without payload and driver) but including engine fuel, coolant, engine oil, tools, spare tire, and all other standard equipment. Curb weight is determined without water in the tanks or water heater and with empty LP-gas containers.



In campervans a Splittie or Bay changed externally or internally from its original form


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