Glossary A-Z of Motorhome Terms

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Blown air heating


Eberspacher combitronic

This is a diesel-fired central heating unit contained in a neat pod, it is easy to install and use. Diesel from the vehicles fuel tank, and mains electricity can both be utilised to provide hot water and blown-air heating.


Electronic Alarms

An audible security device for your caravan and motorhome. These may use a combination of passive infrared (PIR) detectors and motion sensors, these will cause an alarm to sound if a thief enters or tries to move the caravan/ motorhome


Elevating roof

A type of motorhome describing a van conversion with a lift-up roof section. Sometimes referred to as rising roof or pop-top, the roof may have solid or material sides An elevating roof motorhome/motorcaravan usually starts life as a panal van, but a roof that lifts up to provide standing room means that height is kept low on the road. That means that most models (but not all) will fit into some garages and under car park height barriers. Popular base vehicles include the very car-like Volkswagen T5 and the excellent Renault Trafic. This type of camper makes a great multi-purpose vehicle, especially if you are a city dweller.


End kitchen

Ccommon term to describe floorplans which put the kitchen across the rear. usually adjacent to a caravan door on one side and washroom on the other.


European Use / Green Card

If you drive your motorhome abroad, this is insurance designed to make it unnecessary to apply for insurance at the border of each country. It confirms that you have at least the minimum legal insurance cover.
Insurance is the transfer of risk by an individual, such as yourself, for your motorhome, or an organisation, such as your business, to the insurance company. You or your organisation will thus be known as the policy holder for the motorhome. The insurance company receives payment in the form of a premium and will compensate you in the event of losses or damages sustained by you or your motorhome


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