Glossary A-Z of Motorhome Terms

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Trade name for a specific type of blown air heater. Sometimes used as a generic term for such systems.



Flame Failure Device


Fibre Glass

A form of plastic material commonly used for exterior body panels. Also known as GRP or glass reinforced plastic.


Fifth Wheel Trailer

Form of motor caravan connected by means of a fifth wheel coupling,also treated as an RV



The trade name of fiberglass sheet often used in the lamination of RV panels. Manufactured by the Kemlite Company, Inc.


fit and finish:

Generally refers to the level of quality in which a motorhome is constructed. A manufacturer who utilizes advanced manufacturing processes  able to build components to smaller “tolerances”; the result  higher level of fit and finish. Consumers will notice  everything fits well and has a quality level of finish -- upholstery, cabinets, driveability



Another name for fifth-wheel RV


Fixed roof

A type of motorhome where the base vehicle roof remains unchanged from the original after conversion


Flame Failure Device

An FFD ensures any gas escape is kept to a minimum if a flame goes out accidentally



Interior design of a motorhome. Where furniture units are placed in relation to each other.



Mesh fittings for windows doors and roofvents, to keep out the bugs.


full hookups:

 campsite that offers water, sewer, and electricity


Full Service Pitch

Pitch with individual fresh and waste water, electricity and (sometimes) TV connection


Full Timing

This is where a motorhome or caravan is used as a permanent dwelling. Some insurance Co do not insure this type of risk



A person who travels and lives in a motorhome most of the year.


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