Glossary A-Z of Motorhome Terms

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Habitation Area

That part of the caravan which comprises the living space, as opposed to the external-access gas lockers, or a motorhome cab.


Habitation Code

Code of Practice 201, a joint initiative between the SMMT and NCC. Designed to ensure European harmonisation for methods and standards of construction of motorhomes



Pitch with a hard surface: gravel, asphalt, concrete etc



A heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat from one source to another. For example, there is a heat exchanger in the furnace - the propane flame and combustion products are contained inside the heat exchanger sealed from the inside area. Inside air is blown over the surface of the exchanger,  warmed and the blown through the ducting system for room heating. The combustion gases are vented to the outside air.



Heat strip  an electric heating element located in the air conditioning system with the warm air distributed by the air conditioner fan and ducting system. They are typically 1500 watt elements (about the same wattage as an electric hair dryer) and have limited function.  just "take the chill off"


High top

A style of motorhome construction

Related Words  A-ClassC-Class


A large coachbuilt, with a bed over the cab of the motorhome


Holding tanks

Tanks that hold water. There are three different holding tanks on most RVs; fresh water tank, gray water tank and black water tank. The fresh water tank holds fresh water that can be stored for later use. The gray water tank holds the waste water from the sinks and showers. The black water tank holds the waste from the toilet.


Honey Wagon

Euphemism for the sewage pumping truck. Honey wagons are used to empty RV holding tanks in places where full hookups and dump stations are not available.



Connections to a campsite's facilities. The major types of hookups are electrical, water and sewer Full hookups refer to a combination of water, electricity and sewer.


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