Glossary A-Z of Motorhome Terms

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Park model

Type of RV  usually designed to be parked permanently but is shorter that a traditional mobile home. All the amenities of a mobile home but not built for recreational travel.



Power-assisted steering.


pass-through storage:

 Exterior compartments that span the full width of the motorhome, accessible from either side.



The amount you can put into a motorhome. Specifically the difference between its maximum gross weight and kerbweight



Pre-Delivery Inspection. A complete check of a motorhome carried out by a dealer before a vehicle is handed over to its new owner.


Personal belongings

Items taken from the home on motorhome and caravan holidays. Some can be covered on a motorhome or caravan policy, yet it is advisable to check that such items are not already covered under your household insurance policy


Pitt Conversion

Peter Pitt, London company converting Splitties from 1956 to 1966


Pop-up Trailer

Also known as a folding trailer or tent trailer, great for first timers due to its simplicity and relatively low cost.


Porta Potti

Trade name, but used generically to describe a portable toilet.



Gas used in colder conditions. Usually supplied in red cylinders.



Term for camping space (whether in campground or not) that only requires the driver to "pull-through" or "drive-through" to access the camping spot, and upon leaving, you again just drive forward to leave or exit the camping space.



An American RV motorhome with the engine at the rear


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