Glossary A-Z of Motorhome Terms

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Tax Axle

A dead axle behind the drive axle that helps support the weight of the overhang and gives you a little more GVW capacity so you don't have to put the full load on the drive axle. Most tag axles are good for supporting 4,000-5,000 lbs


Tent Trailer

A pull-behind trailer that folds up similarly to a tent. The upper portion is usually made of canvas.



Period of time which the conditions of a contract is carried out. RV loan terms are usually fifteen  15  or twenty  20  years



A device that monitors the pilot flame of a pilot model propane appliance. If the pilot flame is extinguished, the thermocouple causes the gas valve to shut off the flow of gas to both the pilot flame and the main burner



A motorhome may have thermostatically-controlled luxuries such as an oven or heating


Thetford Cassette toilet C - 400

This is the top of the range toilet, it has a cassette tank on wheels and an extendable handle, much like a wheeled suitcase making trips to the toilet disposal point so much easier.



Splittie, Bay or Wedge without a solid metal roof (no pop)



 "toad" is an RV'ers term referring to a vehicle that is towed behind a motor home. Some vehicles can be towed without any modifications - others cannot be towed at all, or at least without extensive alterations.


tow dolly:

A short, two-wheel trailer coupled to the motorhome for transporting a car or other towed vehicle with two of the vehicle's wheels off the ground. The towed vehicle is driven up the dolly ramps so that two wheels rest on the dolly and the other two wheels  on the ground,  not applicable for certain rear-wheel-drive vehicles.


towed vehicle:

Car, pickup truck, or sport utility vehicle pulled behind a motorhome using a tow bar, tow dolly or trailer. This auxiliary vehicle often is more suitable to drive on country roads or  towns rather than a large motorhome. In addition, the motorhomer does not have to "break camp" to go into town, may be referred to as a dinghy or toad


Toy Hauler

 toy hauler is applied to both fifth wheels and travel trailers,  describes an RV designed to carry toys—small cars, dune buggies, four wheelers, motorcycles, etc. Distinguishing features of a toy hauler is the large door in the back which opens down to create a ramp, dedicated garage area or fold-away furniture in the main living compartment, and often a third axle to support the heavy toys.



Tracking Devices

Tracking devices offer the best way of quickly recovering a stolen caravan or motorhome. Tracking devices utilise satellites to guide the police to the location of your stolen vehicle. Some insurance co offer up to a 30% discount for approved security devices fitted to your motorhome or touring caravan.



A device that makes it possible to tow a vehicle with all four wheels totally off the ground.  Eliminateing concerns about transmissions, odometer mileage accumulation and backing into campsites, but loading and unloading can be cumbersome and time-consuming. The motorhome owner  must find a place to store the trailer on arrival  at a destination


Travel Trailer

A towable trailer that hitches onto a ball mount on the tow vehicle and designed as living quarters for recreational travel. For additional details see


Travel Trailer Coach

Truck Camper

Truck Camper 

Living quarters designed to slide into the bed of a truck. The camper is fastened to the truck frame during transport and slides out onto its own legs at the camp site.


tubular steel roll bar:

In coach construction, a steel cab component that can enhance the structural integrity of a cab assembly at the roof level.


Type 2

Normally a Bay. Confusingly though, original Splittie was also coded as a T2


Type 25

3rd generation VW transporter also known as a Wedge from 1979


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