Glossary A-Z of Motorhome Terms

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In coach construction, one of several methods of applying pressure to the adhesive system within a lamination, such as a motorhome's walls. Other methods include rotary presses (nip rollers) and flat presses


Van conversion

Usually a motorhome manufacturer will have added a High-top or elevating roof section as part of the conversion


Vehicle bulbs

Virtually all European market vehicles use 12 volt bulbs. However some commercial vehicles use a 24 volt system, and some early American cars and older motor cycles use a 6 volt system. Most riding light bulbs have a wattage of between 3 and 10 watts. The most commonly used bulb types are Festoon -  Miniature screw - the bulb screws in to the bulb holder and Bayonet - with two pins on the side. Where a bulb has two elements (like a combined stop and tail light bulb) the two pins will be offset so it is impossible to put the bulb in the wrong way round, it is possible to buy a bulb by description a 12v 8w festoon bulb, it is sometimes hard to read the markings on the side of the bulb, if in doubt take the old bulb in to the dealer.


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