Glossary A-Z of Motorhome Terms

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short walking tour around the exterior of the motorhome to make sure it is safe and ready for travel.



Accessibility gap between the front driver and passenger seats


Wally World

Slang term used by RVers to describe a Walmart


Waste water tanks

The gray water tank holds the waste water from the sinks and showers. The black water tank holds the waste from the toilet.


Watling Motorack

The simplist way to transport a scooter, comes with loading ramp, ratchet straps and lighting board.



Name given to 3rd generation VW transporter from 1979 with angular front


welded tubular steel:

In coach construction, steel that has been rolled into a shape (round, square or rectangular) with a projection welded seam. Iused as a subframe between the chassis and coach bodywork.  produced by steel mills and shipped in straight lengths of 20 to 24 feet.


Westfalia (Westy)

Camper conversion company in the German state of Rhine-Westfalia


wet weight:

The weight of an empty motorhome with the fuel, fresh water, and  LP-gas tanks full but with waste water holding tanks empty. For an indication of how much  weight that can be added to the vehicle, including cargo and passengers, subtract the wet weight figure from the GVWR. 




The distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels on a motorhome. If a motorhome has a tag axle, the wheelbase is measured from the front axle to the centre point between the drive and tag axles



A security device intended to prevent one of the road wheels rotating. Some insurance co offer up to a 30% discount for approved security devices fitted to your motorhome or touring caravan


Wide Body

The term for an RV exceeding the normal eight feet wide.  Wide Bodies are usually 102" (8' 6") wide.



A motorhome that is wider than 8 feet.


Wild camping

Term used for staying overnight away from a campsite. Illegal in many countries, but permission may be granted by individual landowners



Brand name for American motorhomes



Preparation of a vehicle's systems for winter


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